04 November 2012

25 November, I should be able to actually make it this year

Should be a nice ride after that bitch Sandy stopped by. We lost some aluminum flashing which I recovered during the storm (stupid) and power for awhile, but things are back to normal. Glad I prepped by getting a generator and supplies beforehand. Next time I need to get a heavy gauge chain and more ammo, I found out I'm the only one that was prepared in the wasteland. I also discovered that babies love generators, this will be the only jap machinery she'll get to play with.

As much as I trash Hondas, all the characteristics I hate in their cars and bikes are ideal for an emergency generator. Interesting generator facts: valve lash is the same as my '75 R90/6, uses same spark plugs and gap, has aluminum cylinder lining (weight savings I guess), has a plastic cam (so says the internet), and takes normal 10w30 oil. I find all that to be fascinating

Unfortunately some buddies down the shore are still far from normal, heavily intoxicated and armed to the teeth to battle looters. I'm kinda envious, except of Ranger... his place is being gutted- at least he and his Triumph are safe.

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