24 February 2015

Swap meets, Stands, and BMW systems

Swap meets for BMW owners are usually pretty disappointing events. You search and search through the mess of Harley stuff for the occasional gem that makes going to 3-4 meets a year actually worth it. This year I actually started selling stuff, which I've found is the best thing to do if you want to buy stuff. You have access to all the tables before the general public and it seems that when you sell the other vendors have a different respect for you and are much more social and helpful. Still though, they are very strange for a non-H-D rider as there is often nothing that I need, but it's still a good day out with friends and cycle stuff so it's worth it.

I just unpacked from the Eckenhoff Motorcycle Swapmeet in Cherry Hill where I sold absolutely nothing, while weeks ago at the Neshaminy Valley Antique Motorcycle Club's swap meet I killed. Funny thing is the stuff I sold was all the crap I thought I'd be stuck with forever, I wound up taking home the good stuff, like excellent final drives, hubs, shocks, etc... That stuff is all going on eBay now, we'll see how it does. Last eBay batch of R69S stuff went out to Thailand, as did a prior sale of stuff, weird....

Chris and our table at the Nesahminy Valley Swap Meet. I killed

Yamaha my friends Liz and Rog picked up for $200

Killer Triumph frame Kendall picked up a week after the meet

it's all in the details... Stuff like this just can't be reproduced

Eckenhoff Meet, I finished in the red

but I was able to trade a Magura /5 throttle grip for this 1980's gem. It's useless as a helmet, but priceless as a decorative piece in my garage. I kinda want to paint my Bell Bullitt like this now

oh yeah, and I finally got a stand. A cheap Harbor Freight one, but it beats working on my knees and back. Pretty soon I'll be ready to take on customer bikes. Still waiting on a coworkers Ducati 900SS to arrive, I'm beginning to think he really don't want to ever get it back on the road...

Finally... That BMW wrench I mentioned a few posts ago broke. I guess unlike the /6 tool, this one wasn't made in Germany. One turn on the swingarm pins and a pin sheared right off the wrench. Add this to the list of BMW stuff they're now outsourcing and are complete shit.