22 August 2014


Chicago felt more like home than Louisiana

getting a taste of home before heading back.

17 August 2014

big easy

2/3 of my business trips for the month are complete. After seeing Houston and St. Gabriel, I've never appreciated NJ so much.

 snapping turtle


 jambalaya capital of the world


New Yorker in New Jersey

09 August 2014

Welcome Home

Free service from BMW Group that cleared up the origins of my "mostly" unknown R60 Frame. Delivered on my Gretchen's birthday, welcome back to the East Coast.

      Ich gekauft was Ich denke ist eine 1957 R60. Ich habe nur die Rahmen und Kurbelgehäuse mit der Fahrzeugnummer 618---. Der Plan ist, das Motorrad in den ursprünglichen Zustand wieder herzustellen und natürlich würde Ich mag zu seiner Geschichte und Erstausrüster wenn möglich wissen. Jede Information würde sehr geschätzt werden.
Grüß aus die Vereinigte Staaten

D. Etzold

Dear Mr Etzold,

Thank you for your email.

The BMW R 60 VIN 618--- was manufactured on September 24th, 1957 and delivered on September 27th, 1957 to the BMW importer Butler & Smith in New York City. - Further details about the equipment are not stated in the delivery record.

We hope this information is helpful for you.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Oberndörfer
BMW Group Archiv

04 August 2014

More NJ History

Dennis' Shovelhead Sportster Chopper. I think it was a '70 or a '71. With his future wife at his parents' house in Perth Amboy.

The pic has everything going for it

Unrelated, but this is kinda neat. Google turns your videos into GIFs to preview. This was a start-up and walk around of the Macchi.

Very cool. Vintage Motorcycling in NJ

Via The Star Ledger

I added the captions from the paper for the more interesting ones. A LOT of cop ones, don't know if because Police Departments at the time could more easily afford bikes as opposed to the average citizen or if better records were kept so we're left with more police photos.

 Aaron Morris stands in his bicycle and motorcycle repair shop in Elizabeth in this photo from the early-1900s. Aaron Morris Bicycles went out of business in 2007 after 103 years. Courtesy of the Morris family

 Tom Quigley Sr. of Iselin straddles his Indian motorcycle in this circa 1940s photo. Quigley, who was known to be a dapper dresser, was said to ride the bike up the stairs and into his house on Bird Avenue. Courtesy of Allison Quigley Soltys

 Woodbridge PD, I'm old enough to remember the old town hall. Classy old building, miss it. 1928 Memorial Day
 Gloria Struck, at age 25 in this 1950 photo, was already a very experienced motorcyclist in Clifton. She joined the Motor Maids club in 1946, and rode to the Sturgis and Daytona motorcycle gatherings in 2013 at age 87. Courtesy of Rider Magazine

 Sayreville, wonder what buidling this was in front of.
 This photo, taken in 1918, shows members of a Plainfield motorcycle club known as the Queen City Motorcycle Club. Men and women are shown posing with their Harley-Davidson motorcycles in front of the stores of Randal Harness Co. and H.J. Pasch on Somerset Street in North Plainfield. Courtesy of the Plainfield Public Library

 Vineland's Motorcycle Club posed for this 1915 photo in front of J.U. DuBois and John Potts' Vineland Repair Shop on the 300 block of Landis Avenue. Courtesy of Arcadia Publishing

 Perth Amboy PD, talk about changes

 Earl Heyer, in the dark shirt at right, and a friend are shown at the corner of Bloomfield and Glen Ridge avenues in Montclair before leaving on a cross-country motorcycle trip in 1924. Their odyssey was covered by the Newark Star-Eagle. Courtesy of Charles Heyer

 The Millburn Police Department purchased its first motorcycle, this Indian, in 1911. From the photo, it's obvious that a different kind of 'horsepower' was still useful to the force. Courtesy of the Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society