26 March 2015

removing Ducati 900SS security bolts

Besides swapping out the stem and triple clamp, and fixing the electrical issues on the 900SS, I need to replace the old ignition switch. Apparently Ducati bolted the ignition switch on the upper triple clamp with conical bolts to prevent theft, I don't know why, but they did.

I was just going to put a slot in the tip of the bolt to unscrew it, or at worst use a vice grip, but then realized the bolts are internally threaded. I'm sure Ducati has a special tool to get these off using those threads, but the rest of us can use an M6x1.0 bolt and nut in order to extract them. Simply thread in the M6 bolt with another nut on it, tighten down the nut against the head of the security bolt, and then turn the bolt inserted into the internal threads. Easy peasy.

Now I have to figure out why the aftermarket tachometer has power on the bike, but when I turn the ignition on, the tail light and signals flash and then go out...

25 March 2015

Ducati 900SS in for work

Brandon's ratty 900SS finally dropped off for electrical work (won't run) and triple clamp/steering stem replacement (cracked). I already regret taking this on, the wiring gives me nightmares

1 step forward, 2 steps back

Owner's manual. This bike is  made for high speeds, but they'll void your warranty. Also be mindful of the image of motorcyclists.