10 August 2013

Hill climbs... well bridge climbs

I've been riding the BMW like crazy this month and have been neglecting the Aermacchi a little. I went to go for a ride the other day and found the battery was just about dead, so I figured I'd take it on a more adventurous ride today to test some things out and charge the battery. Up to this point I've only taken the bike on 3-5 mile jaunts, today I wanted to at least get 15 miles out of the bike - and test the new mirror and tach cable adjustments.

I climbed this twice without any issues (other than realizing I wasn't going to go any faster than 60 mph going up and 72ish going down). Photo credit: http://deschner-usa.de/

Went down the coast and back without any issues. Got quite a few stares, probably wondering what a 6'2 guy is doing on a little 1960's 250cc bike...

I'm pleased with the bike and it got a good charge. Pretty soon I'll be moving and have some real workshop space. I think I may be making a batch of centerstand kits for the Aermacchi as well (cleaner and more refined than my prototype from months ago), contact me if you're interested. Probably won't get started on them until at least October and will only be making an initial batch of 5