21 October 2012

lonely at work on a Sunday, the life of a shift worker...

my Beemer is so fast I'm doing 10mph on the centerstand

I need some hot pictures of my wife posing with the bike, or just hot pics of my wife doing anything... lonely at work on a Sunday

18 October 2012

Google, when I type futurism as part of a search I mean it, I don't mean futuristic. In other news I'm still waiting for parts to arrive, thinking of giving up on the generator and getting a Powerdynamo ignition so I can lose the battery and invade Ethiopia without worrying about where I'm gonna find another 6V battery. German parts on an Italian bike, why not? I'm also getting sick of all the bolts on the Aermacchi being weird metric sizes. VW and BMW taught me all I need are 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17mm wrenches to work on them, what's with all this 9, 14, and 16mm bullshit

Mussolini says I should've bought a Bianchi

Hitler says fuck the Italians

Was invited to ride down to MD tomorrow, but I kinda want to go to Allenhurst. Either way they're calling for 1" of rain and that could put a damper on things, no pun intended. I've been itching for a nice riding day trip really badly as of late, but it doesn't look like it'll happen tomorrow. I also need some new books, I've wiped out the three I just bought last week in 2 days.

oh yeah, and the waxed moustache is coming back, again, so I can get sick of it in another 3 months and then shave it off and repeat the cycle... again...

16 October 2012

Carb fitment looks good with the stack, plenty of clearance. I'm into the tank color too, I'll have to finish up that paint. That green snake is some cool Italian fuel line I picked up at guzzino

13 October 2012

While the baby was taking a nap I figured I'd try some stuff out.

Half stripped, getting an idea of how much I have to paint other than the tank and fenders... not too bad

The bike was originally black with a white stripe down the center and I'm thinking of returning it to that look. Had some semi gloss rattle can in the garage so why not see how it looks

Here they are drying off. I had to put them on box pedestals to paint them, but it doesn't look bad in black. I predict a lot of future coats and wet sanding in my future

12 October 2012

BMW is much easier to deal with for parts

What are the chances that I win an item on Ebay, ships from Ohio, and make an order from a store in SoCal, and both orders arrive at my house the same day? Now what are the chances that both orders received were completely wrong? I had to bid for a 67 gas tank just for access to the petcock which has some weird 18x1.0mm threads (from what I can find the only bike that had this, and only in 67-68), what I got in the mail was a brake pedal and master cylinder from some Jap bike. Ordered a Dell'orto UB gasket set and strainer, and that just wasn't in the box of parts at all...

I've never had this problem when I've ordered German parts

Aside from those hiccups, the postman's been busying delivering other stuff to the house

via Italia

This is what I've been waiting for the most, but it's kinda a let down. I own VW and BMW factory service manuals that are insane with specs and various tolerances. Harley only feels it's important when noting stock carb settings, to indicate the size of the main jet, omitting needle jet/carb stock, idle jet, needle type, and needle clip settings. I at least know from the main jet info that my bike has been rejetted at some point to run leaner, the rest I'm going to have to figure out/tune the old fashioned way. I wanted to at least get a base setting to start because I also got one of these

and then some Granturismo Brevettata grips

The manual also gives the most retarded instructions for adjusting valves that I've ever seen. When I did them earlier, I set the piston to TDC, spun the pushrods to make sure they were moving freely, i.e no pressure against them from the valves since they should be closed on the compression stroke, and them set them to spec .002." H-D says to rotate the engine until one valve is fully open and then adjust the opposite valve. For shits and giggles I went back and tested this method which: 1) was a pain in the ass because it was difficult to keep the valves in a full open position and avoid overlap - the valve springs seemed to win against the piston in closing the valves 2) Yielded the same specs that I achieved in a single step... I'm slowly beginning to understand why the stereotypical H-D riders are the way they are

since I got the stack and I'm gonna be burning up the roads like no other 20hp 250 single, I figured I'd need to reattach the stock tank decal omitted from my tank. Super Sport Baby! or Schutzstaffel depending on the rider

So all the tuning I planned on doing on my one day off this weekend will now have to wait until I receive the gaskets in the mail that the store forgot to pack. While I'm waiting for that I'm going to have to send back this Jap brake assembly to the ebay seller, pray the guy who received my gas tank is as punctual in shipping his wrong part back, and then wait all over again

In the meantime I might begin prepping the tank that came with the bike and fenders for paint. I was thinking about just taking everything apart, but with my house on the market and me wanting to tune the bike, it'd probably be better to have everything mostly on the frame instead of in pieces assorted in cardboard boxes

09 October 2012

Well, I needed some basic tune up parts and since H-D abandoned their history they were no help, but fortunately this site guzzino.com had everything needed and more. Was able to pick up a Dell'orto carb rebuild kit, threaded velocity stack, new jets, handlebar grips, and gas lines all in one clip.

Here's the Dell'orto UB carb in pieces after cleaning, so simple, so tiny

When I bought the bike the owner had a somewhat difficult time starting it... the first thing that came to mine was that it needed a valve adjustment and a points check. Didn't check the points yet, but I did adjust the valves. Spec is .002" (0.05mm) lash on both intake and exhaust, that's pretty damn tight. Exhaust was close, intake was too tight. I have to admit that I've been spoiled by boxer engines (the VW type 1 on the Thing and the type 247 on my BMW). It's so easy to access the valves and adjust, completely out of the way of everything in the open air. This little Italian had the front fender/wheel in the way and had the adjusters on the right side of the bike, but the rockers on the left, silliness... I was amazed how non-rusty everything was for a bike this old that mostly sat around.

Next thing to tackle was the generator which doesn't seem to be working, or at least not lighting up the instrument panel test. First thing to check was the bulb at the panel, good. Checked external wiring, good. Removed side cover to access generator... crap

I was expecting to see tons of grime and worn down brushes, but the brushes are nearly new and everything was mostly clean. The armature and field coil shoes were a little rusty, but I cleaned that up and it still didn't work... Not sure how to test this because the readings you get from testing the parts are supposed to be compared to readings on brand new parts according to the manual. Way to go H-D

07 October 2012

jumping on the bandwagon

because all facebook does is reveal just how stupid my friends really are... Besides, this seems like a more appropriate format for documenting builds and conquests.

this piece of Italian machinery is the latest project I picked up to distract me from going overboard with my BMW. 1967 Aermacchi/H-D Sprint 250 SS

As of right now I took apart the seat pan, destroyed the rust, and repainted it, that's on standby for reupholstering. Also removed the Dell'orto for an overhaul, neat little carb, but I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to remove it in the bike's 45 year history. I'm also pretty sure all the fiber bushings and washers are asbestos...Next on the list are: valve adjustment, generator diagnosis, and all the other necessities to get a reliable start.

Then comes the bodywork.

Since H-D refuses to acknowledge the existence of these bikes in their history (despite speed records, IOMTT wins, and a long flattracker pedigree under their name), it's going a pure Aermacchi route; that's what it is, even if my title says otherwise. For those who don't know, Aermacchi is an aircraft manufacturer going all the way back to WWI, motorcycles were a post WWII project, and a successful one at that. Once the tank and fenders go back to black, the H-D logo is getting replaced with one of these:

This'll be a nice little commuter, an easy flip, or better yet something for my daughter (or wife) to use if they so desire. Look at how cool they could be