22 February 2016

Guzzi V7 Updates...

Or lack thereof... Waiting on the following:

* Engine case/cover to be returned from powdercoat. Sacrilege, maybe, but it'll fit once the project is complete, I promise... Once that's back bottom end assembly commences

* Cylinder Nikasil plating. Still haven't done it, the budget went to powdercoat. Was referred to a closer place though, Powerseal USA. That's next.

* Splines! Had a little time to finally tear down the rear drive and check things out. Splines, of course were shot, expected damage on the crown and pinion gears, but both look good. Problem is replacement splines are backordered. I have another rear drive off of an Ambassador, but may bolt it on until I can source parts. Still need to attack the rear wheel hub splines.

* Frame + forks. Once the case gets back from coating, and I get the cylinders done, frame/swingarm/fork uppers go out.

I wish I could move quicker on some of this, but my current schedule really doesn't allow me much free time. March should be better.