25 June 2014

60 years apart and yet in my winter gear I'm indistinguishable from this guy

20 June 2014

god, I miss being a pipeliner. life in supervising controller land is for the birds. I shouldn't say it's being in management that's the problem, though that's a whole other can of worms, more so because I'm trapped in an office now instead of roaming the tank farms. I've replaced climbing tanks and tightening flanges with trips to the coffee machine and cracking skulls. I feel like a caged animal sometimes, like this nightshift, 60s and clear, but we don't even have windows in here... fucking fatigue management.


for this


for this

this full moon

for this one

I think I need some sleep

16 June 2014

Triumphs and Chryslers

The biggest reason I don't own one, is because something like this always happens when I'm out riding with someone who does... Leave it to Lucas electrics to burn all the insulation off a wire and short out the ignition.

Crusin' USA with Cookie

13 June 2014