21 December 2012

Aermacchi Center Stand & Google+

I really hate not having a center stand on the Aermacchi, this became even more apparent when I took the front wheel off. Why'd the European models come with one standard and in the USofA we're left with just a "jiffy stand." Bullshit.

Apparently aftermarket ones are a one man show, at $250... this is what I came up with with about $13 of steel and some scraps and a rough parts diagram pic of what it's sorta like

I don't know why it looks cocked in the pic, I measured twice and it's within 1/16" of parallel

Anyone who tells you you need a TIG to make a stack of dimes is full of shit

 Yeah yeah, I know, flux core. I may as well be using a stick welder, but it works, I just need to clean it up, a lot...

I didn't bother drilling it out for bolts yet, that would require a trip to the hardware store and I'm already in Dos Equis Ambar and PB&strawberry jam land. 

Luckily, there are already mounting tabs and a nub for the spring on the stock frame, some old VW bolts threaded in nicely, don't even have to worry about welding in a nub for the spring to attach to

Also, what's the deal with this google+ thing>? I'm getting hassled to implement it all the time, is this a facebook substitute? another way to homologate google services? Anyone else using it?

Having gotten off the facebook black hole last month, the last thing I need is another one of those...

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