06 January 2013

Leggero style

I've been mulling over the stock tank on the Macchi again, especially after seeing a nice Motobi Barracuda one up on ebay all cleaned out and ready for paint. The guy wanted quite a bit and I thought the tank might fit the 250 SS, but the measurements the seller sent me just won't jive unless I cut up the tank and widen it.

If I'm going to cut up anything it's not going to be a rare tank like that in such nice shape

Now, I've got a rare Aermacchi M65S Leggero tank at home which is pretty beat up and rusty that I wouldn't mind cutting up.

At the least I'm going to have to widen it a couple inches down the center to accommodate the wider frame backbone of the 250SS, then I'll probably have to make it a little bit taller so it looks good on the bigger bike, and then I'll have to change the mounting ears on the front, but those are easy to make (or I could cannibalize them from the other Macchi tank I have that came with the bike)... Maybe it's my taste in vintage racers, but I like the longer style tank with knee pockets as opposed to the stock one on the bike which could pass as a 60s Sportster tank. I just hope there's enough meat to weld to because it is definitely rusty on the inside

"Styling as fresh as a sudden smile," who can argue with that kind of ad gimmick. I'm surprised they didn't push the "Italian design" angle

Naturally the tank change would probably force me to change the seat style as well, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes, maybe the stock flat tracker seat will look alright... I like the typical cowled single style but that look is kinda overplayed and I don't necessarily want another cafe bike in the garage, my BMW is more than adequate.

There's more stuff I should be worrying about with this bike right now, like sourcing Borranis or some other alloy wheels, and new spokes/nipples so I could actually mount the Heidenaus and take the bike for a real ride... butttttttttt... my budget it super tight and I have all the metal for welding sitting around the garage

and this came in the mail yesterday...

Choppers don't fit my riding style, but I can respect and appreciate them. I like their look and their attitude, but you've got to value comfort even less than I do to ride one. It's great seeing guys building amazing bikes in their garages and hearing the stories that go along with them. More importantly it's great seeing old bikes resurrected and worked on by hand, using swap meet parts, and American ingenuity, instead of just getting a new S&S engine and parts fabricated with a CNC being bolted on to a pre-made frame.

I've been looking forward to seeing this film since Lou Metal posted the kick start trailer, maybe I'll see if Max wants to get drunk and watch it after I get out of work tonight, or save it for another Moto Wednesday at VW Dan's, along with the 1956 Isle of Man TT DVD for a repeat showing. I really hope it doesn't disappoint

Now back to work and moping around about Manny BaDildo winning today's football pool... prick

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