08 March 2013

shedding weight / ignition relocation

Besides having an issue with the steel panels on the frame and mounting the gas tank (slight interference in the rear), I had enough of the battery box and tool box. I'm getting quite a collection of Aermacchi/H-D Sprint parts that I no longer have any use for. I'd say I shed about 5 lbs from the  bike just in the parts below.

The tally of non-used stock parts now equates to something like, panels, bars, boxes, tank, intake assembly, and skid plate, I'm going to have to get these on eBay or to a swap meet sometime soon.

Because I deleted the side panels, I had to move the ignition onto the frame. Not a big deal really, just had to get a 19mm hole saw and cut into the frame a little. It looks like I belongs there.

Clean up of all the wiring at a later date

Next on the list is a battery tray, since the battery box is now gone. Dunno if I'll weld a tray to mount on the engine case somewhere, or switch to an AGM battery like I did on the Beemer and hide the battery under the seat or something.

The look of the bike is a lot cleaner now, I'm into it.

                                Before                                                                      After

My brother in law mentioned that he wanted me to weld up some kind of platform/anchor for a boat pretty soon and my father in law wants me to weld a spindle or something next week. I think I've welded more this month than the past 2 years

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