18 June 2013

petcocks, lines, and mounts

With the tank cured, it was time to mount it to the bike. I removed the fabric bumper on the tank when it was powdercoated, and I wasn't happy with the rubber plug I was using on the frame, so I had to improvise. The solution was a polyurethane bump stop for a VW bug that I had laying around from my VW Thing project. Works like a charm.

Next, OMG petcocks.

Ariete fuel lines, for period-correctness

I had some inline fuel filters for this too, but between the screens on the brand new petcocks and the new filter screen in the carb, I went without it. Unless the sealant I applied craps out, I can't imagine needing one.

Filled the tank with gas, kicked over the bike, and aside from a small hiccup, went for a short 2 mile test ride. Loving this bike, who would've thunk that doing 45mph could be so fun. The bike handles great and will be ideal for my short work commute, or just back road pleasure rides. As much as I love my BMW, this is going to be taking over a lot of riding duty.

In other news, I'm still waiting for the Aermacchi tank decals to arrive, and now waiting for another seat to come in.

I always loved the look of the Moto Guzzi Stornello sport seat (or the Ducati Diana for that matter), and even though I refinished the stock Bates style seat on the Macchi, it just wasn't doing it for me. I had almost made up my mind that I'd make my own seat, when I found a NOS Aermacchi M50 sport seat on Ebay and the measurements and aesthetics look perfect. For sure the frame will need to be modified, but I can weld, so no biggie. More to come later in the week.

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