05 October 2013

new house, new (old) stuff

Finally moved, finally have decent workspace

the motorcycle bay/welding station, may even put a motorcycle lift in, all depends on my wife's '54 Chrysler. That'll occupy the space where I took this picture from, it's biggggg...

Also got a hold of one of these:

 BMW savvy people will identify this as a parts book for /5 models through about 1984. Did I NEED this? No. But I own one for every other vehicle and it saves me from having to go on the computer to MaxBMW every time I'm working in the garage and need a part number. This book will be full of greasy finger marks and oil stains in no time.

Then this:

That's right, vintage Harro race suit. Got it on Ebay so I had to go off the measurements the guy listed, which were my size, come arrival, pants are perfect, jacket sleeves and chest are perfect, length not so much. Going to have to get a piece of leather to extend the length of the jacket so I can actually bend when I'm on the bike. That being said, the suit feels good when it's not zipped together, even if the jacket turns into a belly shirt.

Still getting my bearings and setting things up, more to come soon, maybe even another build...

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