10 December 2013

Toasted coil packs and Triumph Gyronauts

This is what a busted VW Revision "C" Coil Pack w/ spark plug looks like

At least it blew at the end of my block instead of on the highway. About 10 minutes of work and 5 new Revision "F" packs and spark plugs gave me a car that runs like brand new. I didn't realize how down in power I was up to that point, I have a feeling a couple more were on their dying legs. I think I'll finally get a CAI and lose that ridiculous MKV engine cover and idiotic stock intake system.

but more exciting...

Saw this at Wayne's Speed Shop Toys for Tots Car Show on Sunday

Triumph Bonneville speed record bike, powered by 2 Triumph twins in tandem, never seen anything like it in person. Actually heard then when they were rolling it into position, one of the outriggers wasn't locked and they tipped the bike on its side! Just a beautiful piece of engineering, and my buddy Ranger sent me this video giving the entire back story of the bike. Nice piece of American history

Gyronaut X-1 Restoration Preview from GreeneHouse Creative on Vimeo.

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