06 February 2014

Ikon shocks

Seems like I've been on a spending spree lately... Can't find any replacement radiator for my wife's '54, so the only option left is having a custom one built. Griffin radiator is doing the work, should be a couple weeks for it to come in.

Then I treated myself to some new shocks. Wound up going with Ikons, essentially a modern take on the Koni sport shocks of old, and rebuildable to boot.

Bask in their magnificence

Look stock-ish on the bike, albeit missing the aluminum shroud on top. Plus they look like they dropped the stance an inch or so, but that might just be an illusion.

Won't have a chance to test ride it until this ice and snow clears up on the east coast, hopefully we miss the storm currently predicted for the weekend. There's not a lot you can do to adjust these, but more than the stock ones. Just sitting on the bike feels better though...

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