27 March 2014


Starter in my BMW R90/6 went... no kickstarter for 75s, and I don't feel like push starting this all the time. So now the starter is out for a rebuild - just in time for the spring weather...

BMW R60 title work has been stalled. Seems the DMW wants more money before issuing a title to the seller, waiting on that, and then hopefully I'll come into possession of the frame and case. In the meantime I've been scoring some excellent deals on ebay. /2 tank for $101,axles and top cover for $11, front bearing carrier $27, stuff like that, but still no important stuff. I think I'm going to offload some of the R69S stuff I bought at the swap meet to buy a complete R60 bottom end that I can transplant into my case, as it stands now, I can't afford what I've seen on the internets. More waiting...

The Aermacchi is running great though.

This may be the first time in history that an Italian bike persevered in reliability over a German built machine, though saying that may have jinxed things.

All I know is the Gathering of the Nortons at Washington's Crossing is coming up at the end of April and my riding buddies are going to be very disappointed if they have to slow to the pace of the Aermacchi. Besides that, NJ drivers don't take kindly to vehicles that max out at 65-70 mph, going on a 100 mile trip on that bike greatly increases my chances of getting killed enroute. We'll see what happens, but for now all I can do is wait.

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