28 April 2014

Gathering of the Nortons 2014

I spent so much time talking with people I haven't seen in awhile and checking out rare stuff, that I neglected to take any pics.

so here's some I stole from the internet

via Bill Braile. All the cool kids have black leather and sunglasses, I guess that's why BMW riders aren't cool . On arrival everyone was chipper, Chris swore he saw Wayne Carini, but it wasn't

Then there was a lot of good conversation with good friends, good bikes, good beer in New Hope, some other things, and then...

Like Philly Rockers vs Mods, Chris' magneto shaft broke on Rt. 33, so it was a roadside shaft replace and retiming. 77 Bonnies have an appetite for hardened shafts... I'm just checking plugs and showing off my ass. Dolce's Triumph won a Trophy for best Norton, and then won a trophy just resting on the side of the road

via Tommy Dolce

And then I got home and the bike died in my driveway. Thought that was weird, but it started right back up. Went to take it to work today and I couldn't get it to start. Puzzled at why my bike has been acting so un-German this month, and running late, I had to drive in in my car. Got home and did a basic mechanical check, valve lash good, carbs looking good, plugs looking good, but couldn't find the issue. Then noticed the tach bolt at the trans (where the bike grounds) was backed out and the threads in the trans case were stripped, the bike wasn't making a good ground - common Airhead issue. Relocated the ground cable to the sub-frame and voila, I'm ready to invade Russia.

Also found out today that the title work is in for the 57 R60, looks like I'll be picking up the frame and bare case on Friday

Come play at war, man, and bring your best toy

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