12 April 2015

Brandon's Ducati 900SS rat

Just finished up work on Brandon's rat 900SS.

Once the electric was sorted out, it was just a matter of replacing the steering stem/lower fork brace and the locking gas cap to match the new ignition.

JB Weld is no one's friend - this is the brace I have to replace.. Kids, do not repair structural stuff like this.

naked, like Italians on a beach

This is the method I use for greasing in pressed in bearings - way easier than trying to use traditional packing methods. Grease injecting directly into the races, can't beat it

It's so ugly, it's beautiful. Look mom, no JB Weld.

Brandon also wants an oil change and the rear brake pads changed, but all in all, the work is done. I'll be happy to see Brandon ride off on his beast again, it hasn't run since Hurricane Sandy...

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