06 June 2015

Deutscher Club of Clark BMW Biergarten 5 June 15

Every summer the Deutscher Club of Clark hosts German car shows/Biergartens and last night was BMW night. As a member of the club you're encouraged to volunteer to help out during the summer season and I always end up working this one; some day I'll make it out the Mercedes, Audi, and VW ones too. BMW night is hosted by the BMWCCA and in past years I've tried to get BMWMOA clubs to show up, but they never returned my emails, I don't know why, and have since given up. Usually the cars that show up are newer ones, with brand new ones supplied by JMK BMW, which is fine, but the older stuff is better. This year I was happy to see a '71 2002 and an '87 (IIRC) M5.

I rode the R90 in and parked it in the lot, when the DC President came out and told me to move it to the showing area. I don't really like showing my stuff and generally I don't like attention, but at least I'd be able to keep an eye on it while I was working the grounds. No one from the car club seemed to mind (or if they did they were polite about it)

Something here is not like the others.

M5, probably my 2nd favorite car of the night

 One of the two I3s at the show. Pretty strange cars, the front doors open normal and the rears are suicide doors. There's no pillar separating them so when all doors are open the car is wide open and easy to get into. This is probably really helpful with getting kids in and out of the car. There was natural wood trim along the dash which was a nice touch, but there's something about electric cars that I just can't get into. I think it's also silly to emulate gas engined car features, like a front grill, which with the I3s was solid (doesn't need an intake) and a crummy facade.

Delphin grey, I think I may use that color for the R60

On the left was a line of M cars, probably should have taken more pics of them

2002, great to see one on the road instead of only at the BMW Museum in Munich. I don't know which car was voted best of the night, but this one had my vote.

I wound up leaving the the show around 8ish and when I started my bike, gas started pouring out of the right side. Apparently the fuel line to the carb tore. I don't know how that happened as it wasn't broken when I parked the bike, but it did. Unfortunately the spare gas line I always keep with me was absent as I used part of it for the Aermacchi vent line and the rest I left on my work bench. To fix the issue I had to cut off the bad section of line, which made the fuel line too short, then rotate the carb to make up the difference. This was enough to make it home, fix the problem, and then make sure my spare lines went right back into my backpack.

Some of the car guys came over to help me, but stuff like this doesn't really need tools and is sort of a one person job, but it was very nice for the offers, especially for some guy with a motorcycle at a car event. One of the guys held a flashlight for me while I worked, which was very helpful and he did it on his own accord without me even mentioning anything. I was a little short and cut off people that genuinely wanted to talk about the bike, but it was a long day and I just wanted to get home (I finished night shift at 6AM that morning and only slept for 5 hours). I still feel bad about it and wish I could contact someone and apologize - if anyone reading this knows any of the guys please let me know so I could do just that. I remarked to one of the guys that I thought someone was messing with the bike because tears like that don't just happen (it wasn't in a position to rub on anything and wear), but he didn't think so and honestly he's probably right - maybe I am just too cynical... blame it on life in NJ.

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