20 September 2015

Ocean Grove Brits on the Beach 19 September 2015

Like every year, Brits on the Beach has been held on a day with perfect weather, excellent turnout, and fantastic cars. Unlike the previous years, this time motorcycles were also featured, and what a great, albeit small showing. There were repeats from prior years (you can find last year's photos here), but I'm not complaining, in fact, the only complaint that I have is that the show is definitely getting bigger (compounded by a 5k and Fair going on in OG at the same time) and it was a little harder to get good pics.

Asbury Park looking ominous in the morning fog.

This guy was taking the Spitfire thing pretty seriously

Vincent Black Shadow & Brough Superior SS100 both ridden to the show. You rarely see Vincents, never see Broughs, and when you do find one it's usually at a concours event, not ridden to a commoner's street show.

The 2nd British motorcycle contingent. Egli Vincent, new Norton 890, Norton Atlas, Triumphs, and a BSA flat track racer.

Marty brought over his fiance's Triumph, it's come a ways back from this Lucas Electric strike in 2014.


 Some MG TDs. My grandfather had one back in the day, unfortunately by the time I came around it was long gone and replaced by an 84 Corvette.

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