05 March 2016

Parts Washer

I'll admit I'm pretty cheap FRUGAL when it comes to certain things. For years I was satisfied with brake cleaner and/or carb cleaner and elbow grease to clean stuff up. Having received the quote for powdercoating the engine case/sump/covers and realizing that 80% of the cost was going to for cleaning and prep, I began to reconsider my old ways.

As of today, I finally have a real parts washer in the shop

Bask in its Harbor Freight glory

I know this comes with a pump that is supposed to only work in water based degreasers, but about half the reviews I read claimed that solvent use not only worked, but has been working for years. That being said...

Frugality ensued again and I made my own solvent bath with 30% mineral spirits, 20% Jet A, and 50% ULSD

Pump worked fantastically, but we'll see how long it lasts.

Since I had a V700 final drive apart for a complete rebuild, why not test it out.

That's just after a few minutes soaking in the solvent, using the pump and hose, and then wiping off. No blasting, polishing, or sanding involved.

I don't know how I lived without this for so long...

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