18 October 2016

More V700 engine and transmission stuff

At this point, the mechanicals of the build are completely done. Engine rebuilt, cylinders stripped of their perfect chrome lining and replated with Nikasil, new rings, blah blah. Transmission was inspected and resealed, and rear drive has been rebuilt with new splines.

My picture taking has been spotty during the last couple months, so use your imagination to fill in the blanks

2 nearly brand new chrome lined cylinders going out

2 freshly plated Nikasil cylinders come back

New clutch going in. I have a homemade tool that I used to use to compress the pressure plate and align the clutch splines, but Clauss Studios made a Polyurethane tool for 10 bucks or so that's way lighter and does the job great. Only works on early splines, but for the price you can't beat it.

Transmission reassembled, resealed, and painted instead of powdercoated. Matches the case pretty well.

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