19 November 2015

Stupid stuff

Called Millennium Technologies and got a quote for cylinder stripping and re-plating with Nikasil, cost seems very reasonable, may take care of that in the next couple weeks. Other than cleaning the heads and case, that's the only thing holding up engine reassembly.

The receipts for all the bottom end work done in the 70's indicated that the big con-rod ends were checked and serviced, and in my rush to attack the sludge trap I neglected to take any measurements. For shits and giggles I figured I'd check at the minimum the side clearance since it's the easiest to measure. Can't get any more middle of the road to spec (0.3mm-0.5mm) than that.

Also tried one more thing to free the oil drain plug on the sump before drilling it out. Thought outside of the box for once and put the plug in a vice, then used my body leverage to turn the pan instead of the rounded out plug. Immediate results.

Stupid plug

Threads saved

Now I'll have to find a replacement plug (or make my own). Going to turn it into a magnetic one using this idea from ThisOldTractor.com. What a great resource that site has been.


  1. If you are looking for a generic replacement drain plug, check out the plugs for Subaru.

  2. Thanks Greg, got one on Amazon. Dorman #65221. Only about $6 after tax, plenty of money left over to buy that cow magnet (looks like there's a shortage of ones on Amazon, at least ones that qualify for prime) and still be less than a stock MG one.