18 October 2012

Google, when I type futurism as part of a search I mean it, I don't mean futuristic. In other news I'm still waiting for parts to arrive, thinking of giving up on the generator and getting a Powerdynamo ignition so I can lose the battery and invade Ethiopia without worrying about where I'm gonna find another 6V battery. German parts on an Italian bike, why not? I'm also getting sick of all the bolts on the Aermacchi being weird metric sizes. VW and BMW taught me all I need are 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17mm wrenches to work on them, what's with all this 9, 14, and 16mm bullshit

Mussolini says I should've bought a Bianchi

Hitler says fuck the Italians

Was invited to ride down to MD tomorrow, but I kinda want to go to Allenhurst. Either way they're calling for 1" of rain and that could put a damper on things, no pun intended. I've been itching for a nice riding day trip really badly as of late, but it doesn't look like it'll happen tomorrow. I also need some new books, I've wiped out the three I just bought last week in 2 days.

oh yeah, and the waxed moustache is coming back, again, so I can get sick of it in another 3 months and then shave it off and repeat the cycle... again...

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