09 October 2012

Well, I needed some basic tune up parts and since H-D abandoned their history they were no help, but fortunately this site guzzino.com had everything needed and more. Was able to pick up a Dell'orto carb rebuild kit, threaded velocity stack, new jets, handlebar grips, and gas lines all in one clip.

Here's the Dell'orto UB carb in pieces after cleaning, so simple, so tiny

When I bought the bike the owner had a somewhat difficult time starting it... the first thing that came to mine was that it needed a valve adjustment and a points check. Didn't check the points yet, but I did adjust the valves. Spec is .002" (0.05mm) lash on both intake and exhaust, that's pretty damn tight. Exhaust was close, intake was too tight. I have to admit that I've been spoiled by boxer engines (the VW type 1 on the Thing and the type 247 on my BMW). It's so easy to access the valves and adjust, completely out of the way of everything in the open air. This little Italian had the front fender/wheel in the way and had the adjusters on the right side of the bike, but the rockers on the left, silliness... I was amazed how non-rusty everything was for a bike this old that mostly sat around.

Next thing to tackle was the generator which doesn't seem to be working, or at least not lighting up the instrument panel test. First thing to check was the bulb at the panel, good. Checked external wiring, good. Removed side cover to access generator... crap

I was expecting to see tons of grime and worn down brushes, but the brushes are nearly new and everything was mostly clean. The armature and field coil shoes were a little rusty, but I cleaned that up and it still didn't work... Not sure how to test this because the readings you get from testing the parts are supposed to be compared to readings on brand new parts according to the manual. Way to go H-D

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