07 October 2012

jumping on the bandwagon

because all facebook does is reveal just how stupid my friends really are... Besides, this seems like a more appropriate format for documenting builds and conquests.

this piece of Italian machinery is the latest project I picked up to distract me from going overboard with my BMW. 1967 Aermacchi/H-D Sprint 250 SS

As of right now I took apart the seat pan, destroyed the rust, and repainted it, that's on standby for reupholstering. Also removed the Dell'orto for an overhaul, neat little carb, but I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to remove it in the bike's 45 year history. I'm also pretty sure all the fiber bushings and washers are asbestos...Next on the list are: valve adjustment, generator diagnosis, and all the other necessities to get a reliable start.

Then comes the bodywork.

Since H-D refuses to acknowledge the existence of these bikes in their history (despite speed records, IOMTT wins, and a long flattracker pedigree under their name), it's going a pure Aermacchi route; that's what it is, even if my title says otherwise. For those who don't know, Aermacchi is an aircraft manufacturer going all the way back to WWI, motorcycles were a post WWII project, and a successful one at that. Once the tank and fenders go back to black, the H-D logo is getting replaced with one of these:

This'll be a nice little commuter, an easy flip, or better yet something for my daughter (or wife) to use if they so desire. Look at how cool they could be

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