20 April 2013

oh those Italian forks

Woke up alone in the house today after coming home from a night shift. Figured I'd take advantage of the "me" time and get the fork sliders off and cleaned while I wait for the seals to arrive (and my wife and daughter to get home).

First issue I ran into was the bolts that go into the damper to hold the sliders on

Sliders are off already, but I put the bolts back in so I don't lose them. The one on the left had a cap head with 6mm allen head on it. No worries, 6mm allen wrench out, bolt out. Couldn't get the wrench into the one on the right. Turns out the head is for a 5.5mm allen wrench. Glad my set came with a 5.5mm one, took it out and voila, both are out. Looked at both bolt heads and it's not like one was rounded out or messed up in any way, they're just two different sizes, weird.

The slider on the right popped off immediately, the one on the left needed some persuading. Found the slider to be slightly seized to the damper rod but enough of a jerk freed it. Even though I drained the forks before disassembly, I found some water at the bottom of the left one so that would explain that, doesn't look like anything was damaged though.

Hey! I finally got to use my circlip pliers I bought years ago. The fork seals have seen better days...

Took a large piece of glass that used to belong to the hard top of my VW Typ 181 and laid it across the forks. Looks to be out of alignment on the y plane, but the x plane is honky dorry. That'll be next on my list of stuff to tackle. They otherwise appear smooth, clean, and unbent.

Figure the realignment will take 3-4 hours, then it's hurry up and wait again. Maybe I'll start getting my handlebar and controls out of the packaging and prepped for mounting

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