11 April 2013

Coming up short...

In the last post I mentioned that I'd ordered some new bearings for the steering head. Well, I decided instead of waiting to replace everything I'd just do it when the parts arrived - this bike is ultimately going to be for my daughter after all and I'm not going to compromise on anything when it comes to her riding it (even if that is 14 years down the road). The bearings arrived today and I'm a little miffed.

Note that the calipers aren't even fully closed in the above pic. Next is compared to an actual 4mm bearing it's supposed to replace

I guess that's what I get for buying a $7 bag of chrome steel bearings, but I figured a site just for bearings wouldn't let me down. Emailed the guy and we'll see if he's willing to fix this issue. Just pisses me off because it's now holding things up a little. Especially since I just got the last batch back from powdercoating

The hubs and brake assemblies are painted with satin black caliper paint, the stuff in the plastic is the stuff I just got back. Gotta unwrap the rim so I can lace it up just like the front (if the wife and baby could ever give me enough time), but I think I'll leave the rest wrapped for protection as it looks like it might be awhile before those get mounted. They really do look fantastic under the plastic though, really impressed with GSD coatings so far.

Also started stripping the Benelli tank this week to prep it for epoxy sealing and paint (think Max Biaggi's winning Aprilia from last season for a taste of the paint scheme). Wouldn't it be cool if that were alloy? I can pretend at least...

New sneakers arrived today as well. Haven't bought pumas in awhile, but I have no sneakers and am tired of wearing industrial boots all the time. Now all I need is an M3 to go along with these and I'll be golden.

This Sunday is the crawfish boil at Classic Cycles.

 First time I'll be off for one of their events and am looking forward to it. Buddy Chris @Rustisgold is going to have some GoPro action on the ride up, weather is looking perfect, Beemer is looking and riding great, and he has a couple new drive shafts for his magneto on his '77 Triumph. Don't want this to happen again (return trip from mods vs rockers Philly)

and look how cool we were just before leaving, such a shame

That's about it for now. Hopefully next update will have more progress, or at least some nice pics from the meet.

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