14 April 2013

Sunday Ride / Classic Cycles (ltd) Crawfish Boil

The planets must have aligned as I had a day off, beautiful weather, and a motorcycle event all on the same day. Total riding amounted to 170 miles (273km), haven't had a day of riding like that in probably a year or so. Met up with Chris K in the morning and set off for conquering

It's Nutts... and delicious. Brunch around Trenton

Got to classic cycles early, place was packed by departure time

some motorcycles of interest

killer Norvin

bobber for sale

bultaco racer - only ever seen the enduro looking ones till today

Lucky for me Chris knows a lot of people, so I got to meet a lot of new faces - even finally met the legendary Dick Gambino. Also was introduced to some Gasket Goons and in turn their clubhouse which is fucking awesome. There were some major projects are under construction including a tattoo shop, antique shop, hot rod shop, and flea market to name a few. I'm definitely going to have to head back out there to see how things are going, it'll be a great excuse for another ride too. The guy Josh running things is completely living the dream.

Badass baby seat

And with all this, my nice little break from work is depressingly over. I'll be back on night shifts next weekend so I'll be missing the Gathering of the Nortons and if my schedule holds as is, it looks like I'll be on night shift for this year's Deutsche Classic show in July...

On the upside, I sent out the rear rim for the Aermacchi out to California for truing yesterday, so hopefully I'll have it back by next week and can get the wheels back on the bike. Since the powdercoating is completely done and wrapped in the garage I'm going to have to hustle and finish up stripping (and then painting) the gas tank. After that, it should just be a matter of mounting the new bars/controls, retuning the carb, and a little wiring work and the Aermacchi should be on the road. 

Should be...

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